IXOCARE Features

Scalable & GDPR-compliant

The IXOCARE platform is the ideal solution for managing promotions such as loyalty marketing and customer loyalty programs, cash back incentives and bundle promotions. IXOCARE seamlessly integrates with third party systems (e.g. at your logistics partners, CRM systems etc.), making it quick and easy to set up. IXOCARE allows you to run numerous promotions in parallel, is fully scalable, provides you with a clear overview of ongoing activities and helps you monitor and meet your KPIs. The full catalog of IXOPAY adapters with a payout function are available to you for cash back payments. All projects are of course implemented to be GDPR-compliant.

Project-specific Promotional URLs and Custom Registration Forms

Work together with our experienced team to plan your promotions and implement them exactly as needed in a timely manner. In a first step, we together define a registration form containing fields to be transferred to automatically to the IXOCARE platform. A project-specific promotional URL - including the registration form – is then set up according to your specifications. Once the form is completed by a participant, the information is transferred to the IXOCARE platform. The IXOCARE platform includes mechanisms for detecting fraud and verifying participants in promotional activities (e.g. serial numbers, invoices, vouchers, age restrictions etc.). The registration form itself can also be created and hosted by you, if desired. In this case, you can use the API to transfer participant data in encrypted form to the IXOCARE platform, where it can then be edited.

One Unifying Platform

You can seamlessly integrate external services (e.g. tracking, email and marketing tools, CRM and logistics systems) required by your project using IXOCARE. When integrating systems, we can draw upon our long-standing experience gained from integrating the more than 200 systems already supported by the IXOLIT group. Furthermore, you can use our independent payment platform IXOPAY to handle cash back payouts.

Extended Functionality with Third Party integrations

Improve collaboration with your external service providers, such as logistics and delivery partners, by working on the same platform. We can not only implement an interface for exchanging information with your partners, but can also grant them (restricted) access to your project on demand, meaning that your partners are able to add and update all relevant information directly. This gives you full control of your promotions and a transparent overview of relevant information, such as current stock, shipping status etc.

Live Status Reports

The dashboards in the IXOCARE platform provide you with an up-to-date overview of the status of your promotion at any time. Individual dashboards can easily be customized via the user-friendly interface, allowing you to choose what information to display and configure dashboards catering to the needs of individual employees or teams.  The data in these dashboards is restricted according to a user’s access rights and can be filtered further to display key insights, giving you access to realtime reports at the click of a button. IXOCARE thus provides you with full control and transparency over your project at any time.

Quick and Secure Payments with IXOPAY

You can use our flexible payment platform, IXOPAY, for promotions that require a payment function, e.g. for payouts relating to cash back promotions or in cases where customers only need to cover the costs of shipping promotional items. IXOCARE integrates with IXOPAY, meaning you can access all the adapters integrated in our PCI-DSS certified payment platform. No matter the amount, currency or country, you are always able to offer the right payment and payout method.

End Customer Support for all IXOLIT Products

Our highly qualified customer care team is available to support your end customers 365 days a year, with an impressive success rate of 99.7 % with a response time of 12-48 hours. The IXOCARE team has in-depth knowledge of all of our products and handles end customer inquiries from a range of sectors in 5 languages. You can acquire our customer care service in addition to our IXOPAY, IXOCREATE and IXOPLAN products, in order to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

IXOCARE Platform, IXOCARE Customer Care or IXOCARE Full Service

We can handle all communication with your end customers for the full duration of your promotion. Increase your competitive advantage by combining the IXOCARE platform and Customer Care services. Our skilled and experienced team handles the complete project, checking each participant individually and providing your project with customer support in 5 languages. For example, they can deal with inquiries relating to the promotion, missing data, receiving the premium/payout/product, issues with addresses, and questions regarding returns and lost shipments. They will also send out confirmation emails once a participant has been verified, or send out emails including a reason in cases where the customer is not eligible to participate. Our team will also handle any complaints and much more.

You can of course only acquire our Platform as a Service and implement your project yourself, and choose to provide your own end customer support.

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